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1.000.000 IDR per night Traditionally in Indonesia a Bale is an open space hut where neighbors in a village meet to talk and carry out their daily activities in company. We have taken this concept and adapted it to a bedroom setting by adding two platforms for extra space and bamboo blinds and a dividing barrier made from bamboo for privacy. The Bales are equipped with luggage storage space, a head rest locker for valuables and a modest terrace furnished with bean bags for you to kick your shoes off and enjoy a sea view with a cool drink at hand. The Bales have a private bathroom contained by the cozy garden space beside the unit. There is a fan for ventilation and the bamboo blinds all around can be rolled up for a view and a breeze or rolled down for some cozy privacy. On the other side of the bed there is a dressing room area with space for you to change and hang your clothes. Sleeping in the Bales with nature at your doorstep and a cool sea breeze blowing is a truly unique island experience for anyone. With a white beach and crystal clear waters populated with gardens of brightly colored coral and tropical fish at your doorstep it easy to feel yourself slip into island mode and forget about your daily worries! This Bale has a private bathroom contained by the cozy garden space beside the unit. By the addition of the private bathroom we have also created privacy through natural material boundaries between the rooms giving each bale a cozy private garden without compromising the view. This improvement will inevitably make the experience more unique by adding comforts to the classic Crusoe feel of the room.

Private bathroom

Luggage storage space

Head rest locker

perfect to lock your important belongings with plug inside


Queen size bed