There’s always something to do or see on the island. If your tired of relaxing you can enjoy one of the
many activities that we offer our guests here at Gili Asahan Eco Lodge.






Walk around the island

Start your day with a walk up the hill to our yoga shala to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or walk around the island through the local village where you can meet the friendly people of Gili Asahan and immerse yourself in their culture.

The circumference of the island is 5km.

Secrete Island Gili Asahan Activities walk around the island


At our restaurant you will find a variety of games including cards, chess boards, badminton rackets, frisbees, bocce balls and board games; perfect to fill in the gaps between snorkeling and kayaking.

Games Gili Asahan
Games Gili Asahan
Games Gili Asahan

Romantic Dinner

Upon request we can set up a romantic candle lit dinner on the beach complete with tropical island vibes table decorations and tiki torches. We don’t charge any additional fees for this service, you will be charged only for what you consume during your meal. If you would like to have this prepared for you kindly order your meal in advance and let the restaurant staff know a time for the meal.
*availability subject to weather

Gili Asahan Lombok romantic dinner nautilus restaurant

Book Swap Corner

Near the chill-out area of the restaurant you will find a book swap corner with different kinds of novels in various languages. If you finished your book you can swap it for a new one! A modest collection of local and International magazines is also available at the book swap.

Gili Asahan Reading on the beach Lombok


When the weather is right we like to set the mood for a relaxed evening by lighting a bonfire under the stars. Come and relax around the dancing flames on a driftwood bench or a bean bag and enjoy exchanging experiences with other travelers or simply sitting in silence and admiring the beauty of nature.

Gili Asahan Bonfire Activities Lombok


Weather you are a beer or an ice tea kind of person you can enjoy beautiful sunsets with a nearly 360’ view of the mainland and neighboring islands from our wooden Yoga Shala located on the small hill behind the lodges. Equipped with power points for music and a lit stair case for night time strolls taking a walk up to see the view is a must do whilst on the island.

We are available for Retreats with advanced notice.

all about Yoga on Gili Asahan

Yoga Gili Asahan Lombok


Come take a look at our carefully selected collection of hand-made clothes, accessories and home-deco at the little beach boutique. Located just in front of reception the boutique is filled with beautiful handicrafts and apparel all hand-made in Indonesia. Here you will find everything from everyday beach essentials; such as shorts, dry-bags or beach dresses, to beautiful souvenirs to take home to your loved ones; such as colorful bracelets and key-chains, batik sarongs or wooden crafts.

Gili Asahan Eco Lodge Activities Shop


Enjoy a relaxing traditional massage in the comfort of your room or caressed by the sea breeze on the beach. Let the skilled hands of our therapist melt away the accumulated stresses of life and rejuvenate your skin and senses with delicately scented natural oils. To book please request with one of our staff by providing a time and preferred location.



There are 3 single kayaks and one traditional outrigger canoe available for you to explore the surroundings by sea. Take a slow paddle across the bay to little Gili Goleng or tour the island through waves and over reefs. You will be asked to leave a safety deposit at reception that will be returned once the equipment has been handed back in.

*Kayaks are for inside guests only.

Gili Asahan Activities Kayaking

Sunset Cruise

Take a cruise around the tip of Bangko-Bangko, home of the world famous surf spot Desert Point , to watch the vibrant sun set on the sea with a drink at hand the sound of the roaring waves setting the mood.
Group: IDR 100.000 per person
Private: IDR 500.000/boat (max 4 people)

*drinks upon request, only water included in the price.

Sunset Gili Asahan Lombok

Boat Excursion

Feel like going island hopping and discovering the unexplored treasures of the secret South Gilis? Then there’s no better way than by outrigger boat! Come to reception where we can tell you more about the many neighboring islands and reefs and tailor a trip to your preferences!
Price: prices will vary depending on length and itinerary. Meal and drinks available upon request.

Also available upon request is a boat trip to see world famous surf spot Desert Point from the sea. Watch the wave form and break and hear the loud roar of the foam crashing on the shallow reefs while you enjoy a cool drink on the boat.
Price: 150.000 IDR per person (min 4 people/3 hours)

Boat Trip Lombok Gili Asahan

Surfing Trip to Desert Point

Located just around the tip from world famous waves at Desert Point the Eco Lodge is the perfect place to stay if you want a nice meal and fresh bed after a long days surf! We offer boat trips to the wave for IDR 150.000 per person (min 4 people/3 hours) Upon request we can also arrange local taxi boats for longer trips with fewer or more people. The price will vary depending on the length and occupancy.
A gentle reminder that we do not take responsibility for any injuries; You enter the waters by your own choice and at your own risk.

Desert Point Surf Report

Surf Desert Point

Kayak Trip to Gili Goleng

Just across a short channel from us you will find the beautiful little island of Gili Goleng, nicknamed starfish island due to the large quantity and variety of starfish that can be found seasonally on its reefs and on the neighboring mainland shore. A perfect destination for a little kayak trip to explore the surroundings and get to know the area beneath the surface. The island offers great snorkeling and a secluded beach that will make you feel like you are castaways! With advanced notice we can pack a picnic box for you to take with you and enjoy on the beach. A little further, on the mainland directly across from Gili Goleng, you will find another white sand beach also offering a vast display of starfish and other remarkable little sea creatures, also reachable by kayak.

Gili Asahan Kayaking

Fishing Trip

We would like to welcome you aboard M.V.Time light, a new and exciting way to explore and discover the hidden archipelago of South Lombok’s Secret Gilis. Measuring 9.2m this motor vessel can welcome up to 8 passengers between the spacious inside cabin and outside deck area.

Now offering set trips to suit a variety of preferences, as well as tailored excursions upon request, to maximise the potential of enjoyment for all the passengers that embark on this unique experience.

From full day or half day excursions exploring the neighbouring islands to sunset cruises, fishing trips and surf missions to Desert Point; you name it!

The boat is equipped with Raymarine Dragonfly GPS (chart plotter and sonar), 2 new 150 HP Suzuki outboards, VHF Radio and 2 fishing rods (15/20kg & 50/60kg) making it the perfect vessel for a fishing trip.

The inside space features a modest yet luxurious dining area, kitchenette, small lavatory and single bed while the outer deck space boasts comfortable and spacious daybeds for sightseeing and sun soaking ensuring everyone a great time on-board Time Light.

On board you will also find 9 life jackets for your safety during activities.

Our captain is a seasoned, trained sailor and extremely familiar with the local seas leaving you in great hands with nothing to worry about except basking in the beauty of South Lombok’s calm waters and catching lunch!

More information regarding the possibilities & prices below! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.



There is some great snorkeling just in from of your bungalows! There are more spots around the island marked by buoys you can walk to or kayak to; the kayak is included in your stay we just ask for a safety deposit at reception. The snorkeling gear is also included with the same request of a deposit which we will return once the equipment has been handed back in. There is also a small island called Gili Goleng very nearby, that you can reach by kayak in less than 30 minutes, with an almost 360 degree reef surrounding it. You can snorkel around the island in about 50 minutes!

Gili Asahan Secrete Island Snorkeling
Gili Asahan Snorkeling
Gili Asahan Eco Lodge & Restaurant Lombok Activity Snorkelling
Gili Asahan Secrete Island Snorkeling
Gili Asahan Secrete Island Snorkeling
Gili Asahan Secrete Island Snorkeling


There are some beautiful spots to dive here in the south of Lombok. If you want to get close and personal with some colorful fish just let us know at reception and we will organize a trip for you.


all about diving around Gili Asahan

Diving Gili Asahan Lombok Dive Zone

Snorkeling Trip

Dive into the pristine waters of this little hidden archipelago and enjoy a snorkeling trip to various different reefs to discover the wide variety of colourful sea life that inhabit these waters.
Trip Length: 2-3 hours to a minimum of 2 reefs.

Inside guests: IDR 150.000 per person
Private trip: IDR 500.000 per boat (max 3 people)
Outside guests: IDR 250.000 per person

Includes: snorkeling gear, drinking water and pickup and drop off at Pantai Kores (8am to 5pm) (+ IDR 100.000 deposit that will be returned when the gear is handed back in)

Gili Asahan Turtle Snorkeling


Tour around Lombok

Mainland Lombok is full of beautiful places to visit. Are you a thrill seeker or adventurer? Ask us about our Rinjani tour package or waterfall excursions. If you prefer a cultural experience we offer tours to traditional villages where you can watch and participate in local crafting and daily activities. If you like the hustle and bustle of the city life and want to do some shopping we also organize trips to Kuta Lombok. Just let us know where you want to go and what you want to do and we will make it happen.

Tour Lombok

Junaedi Tours

The pickup time is up to you (between 8am and 10am), we suggest you leave earlier to get the most out of the days tour!

1) Pickup in Kores- Pelangan Market – Mekaki Beach- Embung Water Damn-Drop off in Kores at 3/4pm: IDR 500.000/half-day per car (max 5 people)

2) Pickup in Kores- Banyumulek Pottery Village-Mandalika Market in Mataram- Sukarara Weaving Village- Sade Traditional Sasak Village -Kuta Lombok Beach- Drop off in Kores at 5pm: IDR 900.000 full day per car (max 5 people)

3) Pickup in Kores- Sukarara Weaving Village-Banyumulek Pottery Village- Mataram City-Lingsar Temple- Taman Narmada Water Park-Benang Stokel Waterfall- Drop off in Kores at 5pm: IDR 900.000 full day per car (max 5 people)

* Guide Included


Tour Lombok
„Snorkelling here reminds me of snorkelling in Terengganu in 1990. It's 2015 now. Reefs are in tip-top conditions and fish population is healthy and thriving, the locals don't fish bomb anymore. I look forward to return!"
Guest HolidaylettingsHolidaylettings
„The reefs around Gili Asahan are pristine. I have seen plenty of reefs before but the ones around Gili Asahan are top notch, without a doubt. You don't even have to take a boat to go snorkeling. It's right in front of your bungalow! If you're not too much into water activities, there's still plenty of things to do. Relaxing on the beautiful beach, climbing through the jungle to the top of Gili Asahan or doing yoga with probably the best view you ever had (amazing sunset view from the yoga sala!!! Absolutely breathtaking!)."
Guest HolidaylettingsHolidaylettings
„Great to be able to have use of the kayaks and snorkel equipment included as there is good coral just off the beach and the water is calm enough you can easily kayak. With a decent pair of shoes at low tide it's possible to walk around the whole island. Sunsets are stunning!!!"
„The snorkeling spots are everywhere just in front of the resort. Very nice. They provide free snorkeling gears, games, and wifi for free. There's also a place for a fireplace in front of the restaurant."
„You don’t need a boat ride for snorkeling, just walk to the beach and plunge into the warm sea. The reef, where you’ll find wonderful corals, turtles and all kinds of barrier fish, is just around the corner! You can walk the island in two hours and enjoy a wonderful landscape from the hill. A perfect spot for anyone who wants to relax."
„Snorkeling on Gili Asahan and the neighbouring islands are amazing!"