Welcome to Gili Asahan Eco Lodge & Restaurant


Located in the south west of Lombok Gili Asahan is one of the least populated of the secret Gilis in the archipelago. This slowly developing, quiet and unique region is still as isolated and wild as it was 15 years ago when the founder of the lodge first acquired the land. With breathtaking displays of nature both on land and underwater this island paradise is the perfect holiday destination for anyone seeking a tranquil place to step away from the stresses of daily life. Still wild and rooted in its culture Gili Asahan is a beautiful small pearl in the sea. You can walk around the island in about 2 hours (circumference 5 km)and find everything from hills to beaches, valleys and fields. Populated mostly by fishermen and farmers the locals are humble and friendly folk and will welcome you with a smile. The small village is located not far from the lodge; there you will find the typical daily Indonesian life unfolding before you. Surrounded by pristine seas Gili Asahan is truly a hidden treasure.



Gili Asahan in the dry season

During the dry season we experience beautiful sea and amazing visibility for snorkeling and diving. This season lasts from around May till November.

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Gili Asahan in the rainy season

The weather can be unpredictable but there’s nothing quite like the display of nature of a tropical thunderstorm. The following fresh air, lush nature and light show in the sky is an experience you wont forget. This season lasts from December until April.

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„We loved our stay on this little paradise island and hope to go back some day. My husband and I stayed for four nights and went for a kayaking and snorkeling trip everyday. You can also find beautiful fish and corals right at the beach in front of the Lodge."
„This place is amazing. It's almost private, since the island only has 2 resorts far apart from each other. The sea and the beach are very calm, almost like ocean swimming pool."
„If you want to have an island just about all to yourself surrounded by beautiful beaches, pristine coral, great walks and incredible Italian food this place is a must!!!"
„About the island, I’ll never forget the night sky, the brightest and full of stars I ever seen in my life. You can walk the island in two hours and enjoy a wonderful landscape from the hill. A perfect spot for anyone who wants to relax."
„For travellers in search of the quiet life the aptly named ‘Secret Gilis’ fit the bill perfectly. Located just offshore in Sekotong Bay are a dozen dreamy, idyllic small islands teaming with spectacular reefs and abundant soft white sand. And there is no where better to sample laid back island living than diminutive Gili Asahan. This small tropical island is just offshore but feels a world away from Lombok’s cosmopolitan beach communities of Senggigi or the more famous three Gilis in the North.”
My Lombok Magazine
August 2015
„Gili Asahan is a beautiful little island just off the shore of the main island of Lombok and the Gili Asahan Eco Lodge is a piece of heaven on earth for outdoor lovers. The reefs around Gili Asahan are pristine. I have seen plenty of reefs before but the ones around Gili Asahan are top notch, without a doubt. Gili Asahan Eco Lodge and Restaurant is a fantastic getaway in beautiful surroundings and in harmony with nature."
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