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Join us in our efforts to cultivate and advance the education program and school facilities of Gili Asahans public school, and other future collective community projects, through the newly founded NGO: Kids of Asahan. Due to its remote location the school and instructors suffered serious neglect over the years since it was founded, leaving the kids of the 36 inhabitant families of Gili Asahan with very poor educational conditions. It was the kids thirst for knowledge and consistently smiling faces that inspired us to start Kids of Asahan; A program intended tosustain and improve the school by providing better teacher salary, and more teachers for the various age groups, as well as simple necessities such as school books, pens and recreational equipment in the short term plans and to improve the structure of the buildings as one of our long term goals.

What we do

On a monthly basis

  • pay the salary of 2 teachers
  • pay the teachers transport to the island
  • support 3 kids who go to school on the mainland
  • weekly beach cleanups
  • movie night every Saturday


  • buy material for the school
  • repair the school structure
  • provide medicine for the kids


Goals for the future

Small goals:

  • create a library
  • teach the kids english
  • get more learning equipment for the school like a globe
  • sport equipment for the sport classes
  • educational games
  • improve the building of the school and the interior
  • get the kids eyes checked and buy glasses if needed
  • build a playground in front of the school
  • support all the kids who go to school on the mainland after finishing primary school on the island

big goals

  • build a small house next to the school for volunteer teachers
  • support the kids to be able to go to the university

How you can help

Small goals:

  • Bring games, pens, books or related materials for elementary students. Our class currently consists of 22 students.
  • Share your talent by holding a workshop for the kids during your stay (singing, dancing, painting)
  • Make a small donation to the K.O.A. donation box at Gili Asahan Eco Lodge reception. Your donations you will help us cover the teacher’s salary and transport, sponsor the older kids high-school education and their transport, provide materials for the classroom, make the necessary reparations to the building and hopefully, slowly build a new library.
  • Join our Beach Cleanup & Movie night

How you can contribute after your stay:

  • make a donation
  • anyone of German nationality can become a member of our Organization and help us support the education program for the Kids of Asaha

In cooperation with Kelas Inspirasi Lombok

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