Welcome to Gili Asahan Eco Lodge & Restaurant

The Lodge

It is our pleasure to welcome you and share the preserved wild beauty of Lombok Barats Gili archipelago. Sun, sea, sand, fish, coral, birdsongs and the cool breeze making its way through the leaves and caressing your tanned and rejuvinated skin. Sunrises and sunsets away from everything submerged in nature without giving up on the comforts of a cozy yet luxurious room and freshly fished seafood cooked with an Italian twist at our restaurant Nautilus.

statment of the owner

“I bought the land on the south side of Gili Asahan 15 years ago and have been familiar with this area for almost 20 years. I used to go to Gili Nangu; Pak Edy and his family were the first to start tourist activities in this part of the archipelago.

I love the islands and nearby main land for its isolation and wildness.
The incredible nature on land and under water was what attracted me at the time and luckily it is still very well preserved. White sand beaches with crystal clear water and the large variety of fish still fascinates me every time I return to Gili Asahan. Thanks to the very slow development in the past years it is still a very quiet and unique region and holiday destination that attracts a very specific kind of tourists.

For the past years I enjoyed many beautiful holidays with friends and family on my land sleeping in simple bales and using an improvised bathroom, no electricity or running water. It has always been this simplicity that made everybody enjoy the island so much. The food tastes better, the traditional shower feels more refreshing and the stars are brighter. Having less made us enjoy all that we had much more.
This is what made me want to build the lodge, wishing that more people could have this sensation and chance to step out of the stressful daily life for some time.
The buildings are build with mostly natural materials like recycled wood. Most of the materials were collected on the beach or found drifting in the sea. Alang-alang roofs and natural decorations provided by nature such as shells and roots combined with high-class mattresses, bed sheets and towels give it a unique look. Electricity is provided by solar panels and generator. In the restaurant we use mostly local products, especially seafood and fish prepared with an Italian touch. We want our guests to still have the same feeling that we used to have before the lodge was built. We want to show that simplicity doesn’t mean sacrifice, it means to concentrate on what is important. With our Yoga shala on the mountain which has an almost 360 degree view we wish to attract people that like being in a quiet and natural environment.”


We are so thankful for our amazing team mostly consisting of locals from the island. They make the dream happen everyday and it would not be possible without them.
„Gili Asahan Eco Lodge is AMAZING!!!! I have just come back from spending 3 nights here with two friends. The location is incredible - right on the beach, where you can swim out and snorkel. The accommodation is lovely, and the outdoor bathrooms are great. Food - insane! Delicious Italian menu and we loved the fresh grilled seafood. Still dreaming about the chocolate pudding! Lovely staff. 10/10. Will be back!"
Guest from Airbnb
„Rooms are beautiful, nice and open and with an awesome outdoor shower and sun-bed area. The simple and open bungalows open right up and allow you to surround yourself with the outside world or close it off to have some seclusion. If you want to have an island just about all to yourself surrounded by beautiful beaches, pristine coral, great walks and incredible Italian food this place is a must!!!"
Guest from Tripadvisor
„A gem of a place! Highly recommended. Exquisite attention detail from the beautifully designed and furnished rooms to the delicious food and super helpful and friendly staff and hosts. The Eco lodge provided the treatmentand atmosphere you'd expect from a luxury resort but in a beautiful, natural."
Guest from Airbnb