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Frequently Asked Questions


You can view availability by clicking the ‘Check Availability’ or ‘Book now’ link on our website or the button below, selecting a preferred room type and rough dates. This will show you an overview of availability in that time period. You can continue and make the booking by following the easy steps to confirmation. Please read all the terms of agreement carefully before finalizing the payment; we will not be held responsible for any incident due to lack of adherence to these.

 The earlier you book, the better the chances you have of finding availability for your dates. As August is high season in Indonesia if you would like to visit us during this month we suggest you book as in advance as possible.

You will find the different room options as well as pictures and more information by clicking on the button below; don’t hesitate to contact us by email with further questions.

Check in is 2pm, but you are most welcome to enjoy the use of the communal spaces while your room is being prepared for you. There is a communal bathroom if you would like to change into your costume and dive into the refreshing waters after your journey to us. Should you room be ready before, we will inform you immediately.


Check out is 11am but you are most welcome to enjoy the communal areas till whenever you wish to depart. You can store your luggage safely at reception and shower in the communal bathroom facility should you need to.


We have a total of 17 rooms, with each room designed for an occupancy of either 2 or up to 5 persons. With the standard double occupancy, we can sleep 34 people. Utilizing all available extra bed options, we can accommodate up to 52 guests.


If you are interested in hiring the facility exclusively for an event or retreat, please contact us with more details via email and we will get back to you with further information.


Yes, the laundry will be sent to the mainland and depending on load and weather wil take 1 or 2 days. If you would like to have some laundry done during your stay please inquire at reception for the form and laundry bag.


1. The maximum capacity of the bungalow is 3; this is only if an extra bed is requested. Should this regulation be disregarded the client will pay a penalty of 50% the value of the bungalow with extra bed per night of their length of stay and be charged the 4th breakfast at menu prices.
2. Check-out time is at 11:00 pm
3. The daily clean up time of the rooms is until 02:00 pm
4. The bed sheets & towels will be changed every 3 days
5. Lights and electronics must be turned off when the guests are out of the room
6. We are not responsible for :
– any eventual loss of important documents or objects of value left over around the rooms, – please keep them with you or in the security box
– any guests disrespect of Indonesian law and regulations
– personal body injuries, sickness, accidents, death
7. The guests will be responsible and charged for any eventual damage of structure, furniture & accessories
8. Don’t disturb the neighbors with high volume and loud noise
9. It’s forbidden to take towels on the beach
10. Smoking inside the rooms is forbidden
11. In case there is a no show or cancellation prior to arrival the 50% booking confirmation deposit will be retained. If the stay is shortened prior to arrival, 50% of the price of the room will be charged per night shortened. If you shorten your stay with us during your visit, 100% of the price of the room will be charged per night shortened. In case of a no-show or cancellation the client will not be refunded for transport bookings that have already been settled.
12. If the method of payment you have chosen is via bank transfer kindly send us a proof of payment within 4 days or your reservation will automatically be cancelled
13. Please note that individual tranfer fees applied to the deposit payments made via interntional bank transfers, online credit card payments, Paypal and where ever else applicable, will not be deducted from your final bill.
14. The Lodge will not offer refunds on any lost/cancelled bookings due to natural disasters and/or civil disruption such as; Pandemics, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Tsunami, Riots, Strikes, Civil Commotions, Lack of Transportation, Revolution, Rebellion & Terrorism. This also applies to local transportation bookings made through us.
15. All transport arranged by Gili Asahan Eco Lodge is through third party local organizations therefore we cannot take responsibility for any incidents or inconveniences caused by the transportation services, furthermore individual terms and conditions apply to the respective services; please find these on the specific websites.

As the entire population of Asahan is of Islam faith you will feel the festivity in the air, and its quite the cultural experience! Ritual prayers are shared with the community 5 times a day, including late night, via a speaker at the mosque in the village and depending on the wind direction they will travel to the Eco Lodge. Although this can be a beautiful sound track to life on the island we understand that for those sensitive to noise this maybe a burden and advise them to visit the island outside of this celebratory period.

As all of our team is of Islam faith they will be fasting through out the day, this means no water or food from sunrise to sunset when they will break the fast with a prayer. Our team will take a moment each day to perform this ritual, we kindly ask you for your understanding if your are staying with us during this month, and to please keep all the above in mind during your stay with us!

In the year 2019 the celebration of Ramadan will fall from 5th May to 4th July.

Yes, we welcome guests of all ages.
When considering a visit with young children, we kindly ask you to keep some important information in mind.
We do not offer a babysitting service and are unable to organize it. For safety reasons, children must be attended by their parents at all times. The tropical island setting may pose potential dangers, which is why children cannot be left unattended.
Most visitors come to the lodge seeking a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, which may sometimes be challenging with children playing around. Nevertheless, we believe the island provides extensive open spaces, allowing children to play freely a bit away from other guests, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.
Overall, we consider the island a wonderful place for children to experience nature, but their safety must be the top priority. We kindly ask that the needs of other guests are also kept in mind.

 As part of our eco-friendly concept, we do not have hot water heaters. Instead, we use a natural heating system that warms up water in a pipe system during the day, leading to hot water in the afternoon. However, please note that on cloudy days or in the morning, the water might not be warm.


You will find it by clicking on the button below. If you are visiting for the day and wish to join us for a meal we would be happy to welcome you to Nautilus, please note that you should order at least 2 hours in advance by sms or email and provide a time for the meal.

We reserve the right to deny entrance to the restaurant and priority will always go to inside guests of the Eco Lodge.

We provide a modest variety of gluten free pastas and dishes.

Yes! We have recently developed some new recipes to suit the dietary needs of those who chose not to consume animal products. We provide a home-made nut milk replacement for the dairy products included in our breakfast and a modest variety of vegan dishes in our menu including the favourites;  Crunchy Tempe salad, bruschetta and Sayur Urap; a delicious & nutritious local dish.


Yes, we do. We encourage outside guests to order in advance to confirm a table, for larger groups this is an absolute necessity. You can contact us on Whatsapp to  +62 (0) 813 39604779 . We will provide a PDF copy of the menu and request the following information; number of guests, a time for the meal and if you would like appetizers served before your main meal. If you do not receive a reply please follow up with a phone call to +62 (0) 819 16276578 to confirm your booking. The area does not always have full cellphone reception. We thank you for understanding that it is necessary to order in advance to secure a table and that we retain the right to deny access to outside guest in case of necessity.



Afraid you will get cabin fever? There is SO much to do on the island; snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, walking, reading, tanning, swimming, swinging, or enjoying one of the many board games, books and other sports we offer here at the lodge. Still worried? Upon request we can arrange some mainland adventures! From local village tours including pottery and weaving community visit to days spend wandering through the bustling markets surrounded by exotic fruits and local street food. Waterfall excursions, secluded beaches or city tours; you name it! Just let us know what you’re into and we will make the call.

Also available are guided snorkeling or diving trips to visit the different barriers in this region, outrigger boat excursions to neighboring islands and sunset cruises to the world renown surf spot Desert Point.

Its only about a 5km walk around the entire island through the local village and uninhabited beaches. There is a volley ball field on the property,3 kayaks and a local style canoe for your enjoyment as well as snorkeling equipment and other beach sports gear for no additional costs. Feeling exhausted after a day or adventure, kick back and relax with a fresh juice and enjoy a good book from our book swap corner or a game of giant checkers!

There is some great snorkeling just in from of your bungalows! There are also more spots on the island marked by buoys you can walk to or kayak to; the kayak is included in your stay we just ask for a safety deposit at reception. The snorkeling gear is also included with the same request of a deposit which we will return once the equipment has been handed back in. There is also a small island called Gili Goleng just nearby that you can reach by kayak in less than 30 minutes and if you still want more we also organize snorkeling trips to neighboring island for IDR 150.000 per person for a roughly 2/2.5h trip to at least 2 different spots (depending on water conditions). This includes drinking water for all passengers, we are also able to provide a life vest should you require one.

Currently there are not daily Yoga classes, but mats are provided for private practice.

In the future we really hope to be able to offer daily yoga classes and possibly even a morning and afternoon session but for the time being we do not have a yoga instructor.

For any news on yoga retreats or pop-up yoga classes make sure you follow us on social media.

Yes, we do provide massages at our Aloe Spa.

Indulge in a relaxing traditional massage and let the skilled hands of our therapists melt away the accumulated stresses of life.

You can book a massage at our reception or if you want to make sure to secure a spot before your visit, it’s possible to make a reservation a maximum of 48 hours in advance. The price for a 60-minute full-body relaxation massage is 200,000 IDR. A 30-minute foot massage costs 130,000 IDR.

Yes, absolutely.
While we do not provide diving services ourselves, there are two professional dive centers nearby that cater to divers of all experience levels.
When you choose to dive with either of them, you will be conveniently picked up from the lodge by boat.
To help us recommend the best dive shop for you, please fill out the form on our website.
The selected dive center will then reach out to you shortly after you submit the form.


A local resident of Kores offers his land as a safe parking spot and his guardianship for IDR 25.000 per night for a motorbike and IDR 50.000 for a car. The parking is close to the mainland access point at Kores beach. We provide free pickup there between 8am and 5pm daily, contact us with your arrival time to confirm this service.

We take no responsibility for any kind of loss or damage.

As we do not accept check-ins after 8pm if your flight is landing after 6pm we suggest you find accommodation on the mainland for your first night in Lombok. We are happy to arrange a driver and boat to the island the following morning.

The boat company which operates this service to South Lombok is very professional and prepared with safety equipment and navigation programs and hardware. Their staff is fluent in English, very friendly and helpful and trained for their jobs. They show movies on board and provide wireless headphones, water, sunblock, towels, seasickness pills and candy. Should the sea conditions be unsafe they will cancel the service and reimburse their clients*.

*For their full terms of agreement please ask for a link to their website, ALL terms apply to ALL bookings. We are happy to assist you in booking your transport but take no responsibility for any incidents that should occur; the company’s terms of agreement and disclaimers FULLY apply to all bookings made through us.

The harbor is called Pantai Kores

Yes, that’s possible. We can arrange a children’s car seat for 75,000 IDR per way.



No, we don’t, but we promise you will find a better connection!

*slow, basic connection is available for emergencies, emails and WhatsApp to relatives to let them know you touched down in paradise!

Yes, we do.


Depends on your appetite! You can take a look at all our prices on our website and estimate a sum that would suffice your personal needs for your preferred length of stay. We also accept card payments.

There are no ATM’s on the island. If you wish to pay cash we suggest you withdraw before coming to the island. The closest ATMs are in Pelangan (40 min by car) and Lembar (90min by car). We accept card payments with a 2% transaction fee applied.


There is a Clinic in Pelangan; about at 40min drive from the mainland transfer point at Pantai Kores. The closest public hospital is in Mataram City about a 2 hours drive from Kores. If you are interested in more information for your travel insurance coverage purposes, you will find all the hospitals in Lombok listed on Google Maps with links to contact and address.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate dogs at our lodge for several reasons. Firstly, the local community on the island follows the Muslim faith, and having dogs around is not preferred due to religious beliefs and concerns about potential encounters with dogs. Additionally, our property is home to horses, which don’t really like dogs and might chase them around, posing a risk to the safety of not only the dog but also humans nearby.

Furthermore, to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests, we do not allow dogs in our restaurant or rooms. Some guests may have allergies, and having dogs present could cause discomfort or health issues.

While we understand that keeping a dog on a leash is an option, we believe it may not be comfortable for extended periods and may not be ideal for the dog’s well-being. Therefore, regrettably, we must decline requests to bring dogs to our lodge. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Absolutely! You can book our horse beach walk for 1,000,000 IDR. The duration will be 30 minutes. Feel free to reach out to inquire about any ongoing promotions and to secure your spot.

Currently, we do not provide horse riding services. While we may consider it in the future, we’re not looking to offer the traditional ‘classic’ horse riding. Our vision is to create an experience where the rider and horse can truly connect. Ensuring the horses enjoy being ridden is important to us, but it will take time and training to ensure the well-being of both the horse and rider.

It’s common for people to compare the cost of horse walks to individual horse riding, overlooking the unique dynamics involved. Our horse walks include an entire family of horses, not just one. Maintaining eight horses on the island incurs various expenses, including the transportation of food and fresh water from the mainland. In addition to daily care and training, the horses need frequent veterinary visits, contributing to the overall cost. Furthermore, each horse walk is carefully guided and accompanied by at least two guides to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for participants and the horses.


Certainly! Our horses are visible to visitors even if they haven’t booked a specific horse activity. During breakfast, the horses roam around the restaurant accompanied by our horse guides. Throughout the day, you’ll likely find them in the paddock or freely exploring the area. While they are generally friendly, please be cautious and avoid getting too close to them if you encounter them without our team present.


Not yet, but stay tuned for updates in the future as we are planning to introduce special activities for children.


We  recommend a maximum of two persons for the best experience, especially if you want to capture memorable pictures. If you are a larger group, we suggest taking turns to ensure everyone gets the most out of this enchanting experience.


Our horse guides will do their best to assist and take some pictures with your phone but there is no professional photography services provided.

The best time to pet the horses is during breakfast time in company of our horse trainer. Please don’t pet them while you encounter them not in company as especially while they are eating as they can feel disturbed and act aggressive.

We do not recommend children participating in the horse walk, they can do so at their parents’ own risk. For children under 14 years, a beach walk with only two of the horses might be the best option. The other horses can join in later and be led by an adult, with the kids watching from a safe distance. We are actively working on introducing dedicated horse activities for children in the near future.

Horses, like humans, have varying preferences for swimming. Some love it, some like it less, and it can also depend on the weather. On hot sunny days, they usually enjoy cooling down, but in windy or wavy conditions, they may not be as excited. We prioritize the enjoyment of the walk for everyone and don’t force the horses. However, they sometimes choose to go for a swim on their own, suggesting they do find it enjoyable.

When our drone pilot is available, we can help enhance your horse beach walk experience by capturing memorable videos and pictures from unique aerial perspectives. Drone pictures are not included in the price and are subject to weather and availability.

Feeding the horses is strictly forbidden not only because their digestion is very sensitive but also as we don’t want them to associate humans with food. We take great care of their diet, using treats primarily during training sessions to ensure their well-being and safety. If you would like to learn how to use treats to educate horses, sign up for a future lesson.

The horse walk is designed for a delightful 30-minute experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the activity and capture some memorable pictures. If you’d like to spend more time it’s possible to book some extra time if still available.

Our first three horses were rescued. Witnessing the unfortunate treatment of horses across the island deeply saddened us, inspiring a desire to offer them a better life. Our initial two rescued horses found companionship and freedom on the island, falling deeply in love. Their joyous union was celebrated with the birth of their first foal. Later, another rescued male horse joined the family, and the family expanded again. While not entirely planned, we are grateful for the opportunity to provide each of them with a happy and fulfilling horse life.

You can visit the horses at the stable while they are in the boxes which us usually before 8am and after 6pm. Please keep in mind to never feed them and be careful as they can bite. Make sure that you are there with one of our trainers.

The price for in-house guests is 500,000 IDR, while for those not staying with us, it’s 1,000,000 IDR. Feel free to reach out to inquire about any ongoing promotions and to secure your spot.

Health Insurance Requirement:
All participants must have valid health insurance that covers accidents during horse activities.

Assumption of Risk: 
Participants acknowledge and understand the inherent risks associated with horse activities, 
including but not limited to bites, kicks, stepping on feet or other unforeseen events.

Compliance with Guide’s Instructions: 
Participants are required to follow the instructions provided by the guide at all times for their 
safety and the safety of others.

Release of Liability: 
By participating in the horse beach walk, participants agree to release the hotel and its staff from any liability for personal injury, property damage, or any other claims arising from their involvement in the activity.

Horse Handling: 
Participants must handle the horses with care and adhere to guidelines provided by the guide. Any reckless behaviour that endangers the participant, others, or the horses may result in 
immediate termination of the activity.

Weather Conditions: 
The horse beach walk may be subject to cancellation or modification due to adverse weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. The hotel reserves the right to make such decisions for the safety of all participants.

Booking and Cancellation: 
The full price will be charged in case of cancelling the reservation 24 or less hours in advance.Scheduled Duration: 
The standard duration of the horse beach walk is 30 minutes. 
Additional time will be charged extra.

Arrival Consequences: 
Participants must arrive on time for the scheduled activity. Late arrivals may result in a proportional reduction of the total allotted time for the horse beach walk.